Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Dustin...

Ok, so we all know I'm a HORRIBLE blogger... I accept it, but I had to post something about my sweet husband. It was his birthday on the 29th of June and I'm just now getting to post something. Ugh! My excuse is... I'M BUSY!
Anyway, so it was his 29th birthday, on the 29th... so I thought it would be cool to have a list of 29 things I like about my dear husband.

1. He is so supportive
2. He loves me unconditionally
3. He is kind
4. He will do anything for me
5. He is a great cook
6. He is intelligent
7. He is worthy of his priesthood
8. He makes me laugh
9. He is adorable
10. He is handsome
11. He doesn't mind when I want to drive
12. He thinks I'm beautiful
13. He tells me I'm beautiful when I need to hear it the most
14. He is my best friend
15. He will watch Top Chef with me, even though he doesn't really like it
16. He has never ever EVER told me NOT to buy something I wanted
17. He is my own personal nurse and doctor
18. He is not afraid of anything!!! haha
19. He is compassionate
20. He will surprise me with flowers just when I need it
21. He can have a conversation about anything
22. His REAL smile makes me melt
23. He gets up every morning to shut off the alarm, even though I'm the one who needs to get up first
24. He "loves" everything I cook or bake
25. He is never hard on me because I'm already hard enough on myself
26. He laughs at my silly jokes
27. He is so good with kids
28. I can ALWAYS count on him
29. He is MINE! Forever and ever

Happy Birthday honey!!!!!! I am so so so very glad you were born and that you are in my life! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Weekend - Part 2: BON JOVI!

OK... so Jon Bon Jovi and I go way back... He doesn't know that, but still... we do. I remember being "little" and listening to their songs and I also remember thinking that Jon Bon Jovi is extremely hot.

Yes, he had nasty long hair and a hairy chest, but I did not seem to care. And when I started to care, he cut his hair and shaved his chest. Oh yeah, that was all for me! hahaha ANYWAY, long story short... I LOVE the band and LOVE Jon Bon Jovi even more, so last October when I found out they would be in Las Vegas this past weekend, I did not care how much the tickets would be and bought two of them. After waiting for many months, I got to see them live for the 3rd time and had a WONDERFUL time! They are old, but played for a solid 3 hours nonstop! It was so worth my money. My awesome sister, Carolina, flew out from New Mexico so she could go to the concert with me. Which made Dustin and myself very happy! Dustin, because he didn't have to go see Bon Jovi; and myself, so I could scream all I wanted without having to deal with Dustin rolling his eyes at me.

We paid $250 each and still didn't get awesome seats; the "awesome" seats were over $2000... so the pictures aren't that great, but are enough to help me reminisce for years to come.

Here's a little video of them singing one of my favorite songs EVER... unfortunately the quality isn't very good, but you can have an idea!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Weekend: Part 1 - Group Date!

On Friday, right after work Dustin and I went on a group date with some very cool people if I say so myself. It was THE LONGEST DATE ever, it started at 6:30pm and we didn't get home until 1am!!!! Here is what we did... (all Tara's idea). We started off with a little dinner, where everyone brought something... but there was a catch, instead of using the normal utensils...each person had to eat with an unusual kitchen a ladle, potato masher, whisk, tongs, etc. It was pretty funny!!! I finished my meal with my utensil (I did get totally lucky, it was pretty much a giant fork); however, half of our group gave up and used forks. And by most of the group I mean the men and Tara!!! :)

THEN - after dinner...we headed over to a Thrift Store. When we got there - we handed our men TEN dollars and told them to go pick out a crazy outfit for US and we picked out an outfit for them. We met at the cash register... and then....we PUT ON the outfits....and went bowling!!!! Oh yeah, it was RIDICULOUS! I wish I had the pictures to post, because not one person looked good! It was hilarious!! For those of you who know me pretty well probably can't believe I actually did all this, but YEAH... I totally did. It was WAY out of my comfort zone, but it was so much fun! We had a blast! Bowling was a little different too, so I wouldn't feel so bad for sucking! It turned out to be a little competition between the spouses and whoever lost got to do something nice for the other one. I totally won and Dustin's prize was to clean the kitchen and dining room. YAY!

So after bowling, we headed over to Lynsie and Ezra's house (thank you so much for hosting) and ate some ice cream with brownies and yummy toppings. It was great! We love our new friends! Thanks to Tara for being so creative and for forcing us all to do this! We had a GREAT time!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

So my last post was in August and it can't even be considered a real post since it was one of those tags... Since then, not a lot has happened, but... here it goes:

- I actually found a job, well... my husband found one for me. It has been great to feel "useful" again and to be able to interact with people. Oh, the extra income is also nice. I don't remember the last time I've been this busy... school, work, husband and house have kept me moving that's for sure.

- We went to Utah for Thanksgiving and had a great time with Dustin's family, and the weather was "nice". It was cold, but it didn't snow, which made me miss living in Utah... whenever I visit there and it is not snowing, I LOVE IT! I guess Utah will always be my "home away from home". We also got to have dinner with our good friends Bonnie and Spencer, it was so fun getting to see them!!! Wish they lived closer!

- We also went to Brazil for Christmas and New Year's. Yes, we've been so blessed during the holidays to get to spend time with both sides of our families. Brazil was a lot of fun even though it rained almost every day we were there. I'm usually satisfied with just hanging out with my family, but I'm sure Dustin could have used a little change of scenery! Hopefully next time we go we can visit a different state, not just Sao Paulo! Because it rained so much, we played A LOT of The Beatles Rockband for Wii!!! It was so much fun! :)

My mom's Christmas tree.

Me and my beautiful baby sister Luiza!

In a nutshell, that's what we have been up to. Hope everyone's holidays were wonderful! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tagged... that means I finally get to post something new.

1. What is your current obsession?
This is going to sound sad, but my current obsession is Simply Orange Juice with Pineapple. And about a month ago, my pool.

2. What do you hate that everyone else seems to love?
Harry Potter. Oh, and those ugg boots... I think they are UGLY!

3. What are you wearing today?
Green shirt and black pants. Very comfy.

4. What’s for dinner?
Italian crockpot chicken and potatoes by Dustin. Sooo yummy!

5. What would you eat for your last meal?
My mom's lasagna or my grandma's ngocchi and Carrabba's Sogno Di Cioccolata dessert. Yes, I love Italian food.

6. What is the last thing you bought?
Groceries. Sad huh!

7. What are you listening to right now?
Gravity, by Sarah Bareilles

8. What do you think of the person that tagged you?
Jamie is sweet, funny, witty, beautiful and super down to earth. That's why we get along so well. LOVE HER!!!!!!!!

9. If you could have a house- fully paid for and totally furnished – anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Florence, Italy. I have never been there but I have seen pictures and LOVE it! Maybe in the next couple of years I will make it over there.

10. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would it be?
Just for the next hour? Hmmm... I guess I would pick Iraq just so see what's going on, but I don't want to be there a minute longer.

11. What is one of your hobbies?
Does going to the gym count as a hobby? Man, I'm pathetic! hahaha

12. Favorite thing you did this summer?
Going to Brazil for a month and then have my mom here with me for another month! Love her!

13. What is your favorite color?
Purple and blue

14. What is your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
Right now... anything that fits me makes me happy! But I do have this one dress I love that I wore to a friend's wedding years ago... maybe I will get to wear it again in a year or so. ;)

15. What is your dream job?
I don't know. Something that I could do from home and make tons of money!

16. Describe your personal style?

17. What is your favorite tree?
I love all trees, except the ones in my backyard that make my pool all dirty.

18. What are you going to do after this?
Watch TV with my hubby.

19. What is your favorite fruit?
Oh nooo I can't pick one. Apples, strawberries, mangoes and pineapples.

20. What inspires you?
Strong women

21. Who was the last person that you kissed?

22. What are you currently reading?
The Appeal

23. Go to your bookshelf, take down the first book that you see with a red binding, turn to page 26 and type out the first line.
"Let me analyze this a little," I said to Morelli. "Your expertise in bed is my alibi." Hahhahahahahaha no comment.

24. What delighted you the most today?
My Sunday nap.

25. If your life had a theme song, what would it be?
I want to break free!

26. If you bought a wiener dog today, what would you name it?

27. What is your most memorable dream?
I remember my best friend growing up's dad following me with a pitchfork, but we were falling.... it was weird but I had that dream a couple of times.

28.What have you been avoiding that you can do today?
Homework as always!!!!

The rules: Respond and rework; answer the questions on your blog, replace one question you dislike with a question of your own.
2. Tag five other people.
People I Tag: Maisy, Erika, Ashley, Kathryn (who will never do it)and Lynsie

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Post 2 (and maybe last in Brazil)

So I thought I would be posting all the time, and as you can see that has not been the case. All I can tell you guys is that I am freezing here in São Paulo, it's almost making me miss Vegas a little bit. I haven't seen my husband for weeks now and I miss him tons, but here's a list of things that I love in Brazil:

- My family. It's great having my family around all the time. It's going to be tough on me when I leave, they are a great support system and I miss having them around.

- The food. All of it, junk food, my mom's food, pizza, chocolates, cakes... EVERYTHING. I love it all! Well... except the stuff that I normally don't eat. I love how lunch is the big meal here, and dinner is usually something small. Brazilians don't want to go to bed feeling stuffed. The plates and cups here are A LOT smaller, therefore, servings are smaller and as a result you don't eat as much.

- The people. Brazilians are so friendly. You meet someone once and they become your friend instantly. You can't stay in line waiting for something without someone talking to you. I love the warmth of my people.

- Having a maid. Oh yeah, it's very common in Brazil for people to have a maid or someone that comes a couple of times a week to help out around the house. There's nothing wrong with having a clean house all the time and not having to be the one doing it. LOVE IT!!!!!

- Health insurance. I know, weird but I have health insurance down here in Brazil and got to go to a ton of doctors and not pay a penny, no co-pay, nothing!!! It's awesome!

- Traffic. Hahahaha just kidding, that is the one thing I hate about being in such a huge city as São Paulo. The only time that there is no traffic is after 11PM or so.

Anyway, I'm sure I will think of other things later... but I am having a good time down here, it's great to be with family. But I can't wait to go back to Las Vegas and be with my hubby and Bella.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In Brazil... (post 1)

Ok, so I called it "post 1" because I'm hoping I will get to post tons while I'm down here. I don't know how often this will happen but I promise to try.
We got to São Paulo last Friday morning after a LONNNNNNNNG couple of flights. It was great to finally get here. We were expecting cold weather since it's Fall here but it has been very pleasant.
We have been busy but it's been fun. Dustin is leaving tomorrow already so that makes me SAD!!!! We will be apart for a couple weeks and I will miss him since we've only been apart for a couple of days since we got married six years ago.
Anyway, I started this post a couple of days ago and had more to say but now I can't really think of anything too interesting. I'll keep you all posted if something fun and exciting happens!